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Post by Yoko on Wed Apr 30, 2014 9:01 pm


1.Don’t be racist, mean, and show any type discrimination.
2. No strong offensive language
3. Do not use of 3rd party programs (Hacks, Trainers Etc AND WZ EDITS) is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban.
5. Do not impersonate a staff member.
6. Do not sell and/or share your account..your account is for you, and only you.
7. Do not exploit of bugs, glitches and other faults is not allowed, just simply report the bug.
8. Do not cheat or SPAM.
9. GM’s have the right to make the decisions they need to. If you disrespect or “dis” them there will be further consequences. If this happens you might get muted, receive jail time, or being banned.
10. Don’t abuse commands.
11. Don’t advertise any other maplestory private servers, or other games that are not related maplestory.
When a GM tells you to stop please do so.


Player rules also apply.
1. Do not drop tagged items; you will get banned.
2. Do not spam in the donor chat, or any chat.
3. Do not abuse your warping commands that are given to you. You may NOT Warp to events in progress. Do NOT go to the GM MAP.
4. Donors can’t participate in events, go on a mule.
5. ItemVac is not allowed in the OX Quiz and other event maps.
6. If you scroll items for other players that would be a ban.


All rules stated before also apply.
1.Warping players to maps is not allowed unless for an event.
2. Abusing commands will result in severe consequences.
3. ALL GM's have to follow a warning cycle when they deal with players that go from Verbal Warnings, then to Jail time, later mutes, and even bans.
4. Before banning simply take screen shots or a video to support your claim. As in evidence.
5. Try not to go away from the computer while online because players will have questions. They may think of you as a rude person. If you want to be AFK please go in hide.
6. You are to answer game related questions when a player uses @message. If a player abuses @message consequences will occur.
7. If you drop any type of item (tagged or not tagged) immediate demotion is to take place. And may remove all items in inventory.
8. Being biased towards any kind of player is prohibited.
9. Keep what happens between GM relationships between them. Players and donors are not to know about them. What stays with GM’s will stay with them.
10. Don’t abuse !mutemap for no reason, unless it's for an event.
11. Do not play any other private servers.

Thank You for taking your time to read the rules, these are very important so you don't get banned or accused of something.

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