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Post by SourPeaches on Sat May 10, 2014 9:57 pm

Hello fellow Varsity players!

  We are looking for players to video tape their experiences in VarsityMS. We have some requirements below.

                  ■ MUST be submitted to Me (Catastrophe) through private message on forums

                  ■ MUST be recorded within Varsity Maplestory

                  ■ MUST include npc's, maps, and players

                  ■ MUST include credits due to rightful owners

                  ■ MUST be uploaded on youtube with correct link

                  ■ MUST be at least 2-5 minutes

                  ■ THIS IS A ONE person contest! (This means you CANNOT combine your video with another player's video!)

     You may youtube and research some ideas from other videos. Please DO NOT copy/plagiarise someone else's work and credit yourself!    

Some things you might want to consider!
           ♣️ Something that makes other players want to join.

           ♣️ Music that makes players stay on your video and watch it.

           ♣️ An Introduction about what the server is about.

           ♣️ Might want to consider using some editing programs (Sony Vegas, Windows Movie Maker, etc)

           ♣️ A BannedStory icon of your character.

                 Before I distribute prizes, please note that I am NOT picking any favorites. It will also depend on how many players will be joining the event. I will pick the BEST QUALITY & INFORMATIONAL video.

                                ♦️ 1ST PLACE

                                        ▪️ 5 untagged trophy's

                                        ▪️ 50 chair gach tickets (unless I decide to change it)

                                        ▪️ 50,000,000 million mesos

If I find more than one video that I like, I'll be adding in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. THERE IS NOT A SPECIFIC DATE ON WHEN THE VIDEO CONTEST WILL BE OVER YET. SO LET'S GET GOING ON THE VIDEO! Smile

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