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Post by Yoko on Sat May 03, 2014 6:07 pm

So, I've been thinking that many other servers have like mini events on forums. We have not had one before? Well this won't be a "event" but like a curious thread. Like, to be funny, have some fun. You may be  very surprised at people. Who knows. So, I'm going to do this. PLEASE REMEMBER NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE. NO BEING RACIST,ETC. Remember this is supposed to be like a curious thing. I don't care how you look like to anyone else. Don't be shy!
To make the spoiler and the image, do [spoiler][img] then after you put the link in, put /spoiler and /img but with [] on both.
Some things to post for this:

1. How many years ago?

2. You may upload directly, or make a spoiler.

3. Description (optional):


1. 6 years ago

[Fun]Show Yourself! Pictur10

3. You know those days when you are just care free? Like when you are 10-12? Too carefree that my hair was messed up and my everything. Why did I do this to myself. THE TAN. lol!

[Fun]Show Yourself! G2YbJbm

[Fun]Show Yourself! Creati10

[Fun]Show Yourself! Ts8FH4l

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