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Post by Neko on Sun Apr 27, 2014 2:43 pm

Hello It's Neko,
I gonna show you my way to cube items.
And get Cubes.
First-How i get cubes?

You can get cubes from lnkwell NPC that you can find in @go npc.

Cubing Guide  Z

Miracle cube-2,500NX 

Cubing Guide  6350794

Premium Miracle Cube- 3,750 NX
Cubing Guide  00Div-428ea753-e283-407e-abf3-70a007c7037c

Super Miracle Cube- 5,550 NX
Cubing Guide  00DUC-bdf9f65e-f3d0-437d-9dd6-2e82da4cfefa

Revolutionary Miracle Cube- 7,250 NX

Cubing Guide  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR-c8sVDFtq9bIeH-3z9oPsf48EDxg8l3Gn0tmFQE7pSvDL4Ajw

Enlightening Miracle Cube- 9,500 NX
Cubing Guide  00Ex4-61162448-9c03-4c43-a441-8de9dbf4e580

Diffrent on cubes-Lines
Revolutionary Miracle Cube and Premium Miracle Cube need to make the item have more lines of pot. 
Revolutionary Miracle Cube have more chance than Premium Miracle Cube to add more line/s.
Diffrent on cubes-Ranks
First There are 4 ranks for an item:Rare>Epic>Unqiue>Legendray
You want make your item legendray to get the best stats.

Enlightening Miracle Cube,Super Miracle Cube and Miracle cubes need only for get the item ranks(for exaple:Unqie,Legendray).Miracle cube can rank the item untill Unqiue only.
Super Miracle Cube and Enlightening Miracle Cube can rank the item in all the ranks.
Enlightening Miracle Cube have more chance to rank up the item than Super Miracle cube.

What is the best stats?

Best stats are  60-120%Damge to Bosses if you want boss (That give 60%( or other amonut) of your damage to bosses.
Best stats for stats are 20-80%All stats if you want get stronger It give 20% of your stats for example:Str,Luk..(You can get besid all stats% you can get Luk or Str% the best for them is 21-36%).
Also for attack you can get ATT% i recommand try get from 24-36%ATT It give 24% of your attack into your attack.

For examples:
Cubing Guide  Maplestory-BasilMarket-Screen-226170-1

 Cubing Guide  Maplestory-BasilMarket-Screen-224220-1

How i make the item have pot?

You need to drag pot scroll into the item
You Can buy pot scrolls from Agen Meow in @go npc
Cubing Guide  Z

When i should use and which cube?
1.For start you should get the item 3l i recommand use premium miracle cube untill 3lines

2.Then use Miracle Cubes untill Unquie.

3.Now use Super Miracle Cube untill Legendray.

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